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What the pyramid looks like after it is fully un-covered:













Player will be presented with this menu:













The Highest scorers around the globe will be shown on:


What’s New in the iPhone Version?

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In the classic Oh Mummy! game the only way to complete the level was to avoid all the mummies chasing you, but the iPhone/iPod Touch version allows you to uncover weapons which can be used to kill the mummies, there also a few other twists with the game including better graphics than the classic game and even more different finds like super speed running.

Oh Mummy Objective

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The object of the game was to unveil all of the treasure within each level (or pyramid) of the game whilst avoiding the mummies. Each level generally looked the same, a two-dimensional board. In contrast with Pacman as the player walked around footprints were left behind to see where they had been. By completing a square its content was revealed. There would either be a scroll, a mummy, a key, a tomb or nothing at all. In order to complete a level it was necessary to unveil the key and a tombstone. The scroll would enable the player to kill/eat one mummy on the level. If a mummy was unveiled it would follow the player to the next level. The difficulty and speed of the game increased as the player progressed through the levels.

The game was for one player only and whilst it was simple in terms of gameplay, graphics and sound it was for many people one of the better and more addictive early offerings that comprised the system’s bundle.

Oh Mummy

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This classic addictive game is now here on the iPhone.

If you’ve played this years ago, you know how good this game was. Well now, it’s even better!

The game is not around any more and yet thousands crave this game.

We have taken the step and have ported it to the iPod and iPhone.

Oh Mummy

If you’re young and have never played this classic game before, watch the old version on You Tube and then expect a much more enhanced version in your pocket!