Brain Trap

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Brain Trap is based on the classic Mind Trap game.

It poses questions where the answer is something you wouldn’t normally guess.

These riddles are not the normal types you find on the net. There are far better and highly entertaining.

There are just under 500 riddles in the Brain Trap app.

Coming soon to the App Store.

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Oh Mummy

Default Thumbnail Oh Mummy

This classic addictive game is now here on the iPhone.

If you’ve played this years ago, you know how good this game was. Well now, it’s even better!

Oh Mummy

Now available on an iPhone/Pod Near You!


Default Thumbnail Mind Map

Everyone we performed this trick on was incredulous.
They couldn’t believe it!

Mind Map will amaze you and your friends and provide hours of entertainment and wonder.

You can perform this trick on a new person every day and you’ll receive amazing reactions.

It’s at the App Store Now. Click Here to Download.